305031A section of the Cadboro Bay ‘mystic spring’ property near the northern gates of the Uplands, which Ernest L. Tait, Victoria barrister, developed into a picturesque tourist resort, has been sold for $80,000.

Mr. Tait reported the sale to a former Edmonton man, Gavin McKenzie McNeill.

The property has been under development for several years by Mr. Tait, who will retain 10 acres adjacent to the resort which are dotted with small lakes fed by waters from the old Indian ‘mystic springs.’

There were over 15 acres in all when the Victoria lawyer took over from the Franco-Canadian Dominion Company, which developed the Uplands subdivision. The tourist resort takes up 4.2 acres off Cadboro Bay Beach north from Hibbens Close, a short road running off Cadboro Bay Road just outside the Uplands gates. In the court are 13 units for tourist accommodation.

Prior to the summer of 1947, the court was occupied by year-round residents.

A strip of the 15 acres on Cadboro Bay Road north from Hibbens Close has been divided into residential building sites, most of which have rock-rimmed spring-fed pools built by Mr. Tait.