Aug 13, 2012

Apparently there were 2 eaglets that fledged this year. Most observers (from Bedford side) only could see one bird but Pam (from Sea View side) saw two and reported they successfully fledged.


Jul 02, 2012

Just an update on this year’s progress and a solution to last year’s mystery. This year there seems to be only 1 eaglet. Unlike last year, they did not produce a second chick. Helen Stewart says it is amazing what they bring home to eat. Apparently one of the eagles even managed to snag a Canada Goose! That must have been quite the struggle. If you don’t know where the nest is, wander along the stub of Bedford south of Tudor and you’ll probably be able to detect the nest by the young one’s squawks that can be heard blocks away.

Now if you have been following the mystery of the chick from last year who we thought moved around each day, we think we have finally resolved the location of the ‘extra’ nest. Helen found her drawings that she had done of the eaglet and she started to look carefully at this year’s noisy nest occupant and compare the nest to her drawings. She has finally come to the conclusion that she was just looking at the same old nest rather than what we thought was a new nest. When Helen and others first observed the babe last year from the upstairs bedroom window, everyone was certain that this was not the same nest that they could see when they were standing on the ground on Bedford (or from Pam’s backyard). They meticulously searched around every tree and all were convinced that there was a second nest. Shows how we can be confused by all those branches. It is very interesting that the nest doen’t look deep enough from one angle but from another angle looks exceedingly deep. So we are now pretty sure that there is and was only 1 nest in this vicinity. However we did see them carrying a lot of material around to other spots but I guess they have finally settled in this spot.

Feb 29, 2012

Just a few notes on the mysterious carry-ons with the eagles last year. At the beginning of May, there were 2 eaglets in the new nest that can be seen from the dead end section of Bedford just off Tudor beside Helen Stewart’s house. Then by May 4 there was only one babe with no trace found of what happened to the second babe. It’s not unusual for only one to survive. Then Pam watched the nest from her house on Sea View and all was well with the surviving babe. According to what she thought, she saw it fly for the first time on Jul 1. It would take off in the morning and return at night squawking to be fed. It continued to return for about a month. So that was what Pam thought was the whole story.

But then Helen had another weird story that just didn’t seem to make sense. About Jun 25, she was upstairs in her house and looked out and saw what she thought was another eagle’s nest complete with a baby eagle in it. She thought that it was in a crude nest but now we think it was just a sort of platform that the eagles concocted. She even sketched it (but she can’t remember where she put the sketch!). My theory is now that the eaglet fledged a few days earlier closer to Jun 25 but Pam simply did not witness this first flight. It is tricky to know if a baby is still in the nest because the adults come and go and often the babe is down inside the nest so I think that Pam simply didn’t witness any actual flying action between Jun 25 and Jul 1 but she would not have thought anything was wrong. She probably even heard it squawking but didn’t pay attention to the exact location of the very loud noise. I now think the eaglet spent its days at the rudimentary nest (being watch by Helen and her visitors) and the parents had brought sticks and such to that spot just to help contain the obviously clumsy youngster. Helen watched it lurch around the platform during the day. She probably wouldn’t think anything about whether it was there during the night, also probably hearing it squawk but not noticing from exactly where. The young squawk so loud that neither Pam nor Helen would take notice of whether the incessant squawking was coming from the main nest or the rudimentary platform a few trees away. I could hear it a couple of blocks away. These are two very capable adults birds who we have watched raise several young during the years so it would not surprise me that they would follow this young one from its day perch and back to the nest at night. It sure makes more sense than the idea that they carried it to the new nest. This was one of initial ideas that we tossed around.

None of us are good at keeping diaries of our own lives, let along diaries for the eaglets! I just happened to send a note to a bird chat list on Jun 25 asking if anyone had ever heard of an eaglet being carried by its parents so I had that critical date recorded and Pam remembered seeing what she thought was that first flight on Jul 1. I think this is fascinating that all this is going on under our noses. Helen reported in February that there are no signs of the rudimentary platform/ nest where she watched the young eaglet. She says it’s almost as if it didn’t happen despite her having several witnesses. But my guess is that the parents recently took that building material back to the main nest as the main nest had been ravaged by weather and some unknown assailants (raccoons?). I hope Helen can find the sketches that she drew of what she thought was an actual nest but what was probably put there just like crib rails to keep the teetering eaglet safe for a few days till it learned to fly better. Now I feel a bit more like we understand what happened as it was quite the mystery! We should pay more attention and make more notes but we all live busy lives. Oh, BTW, we saw the eagle bringing a big batch of grass back to the nest last week as we were walking that way. This means that they are in the final stages of preparing the lining in the nest to receive this year’s eggs.

May 4, 2011

The eagles are currently raising their family on the new nest seen from Bedford south of Tudor. Apparently there were 2 babies or, at least, people saw the parents sticking food into 2 places assumed to be mouths. However, it was rumoured that one baby fell out of the nest and so they are only feeding one baby now. People went over and scoured the ground but found no trace of the other chick. Lots of vocals coming from the area of the nest but we think it’s just the parent on the nest demanding the other parent bring more food and bring it fast! Soon we’ll hear the baby squawking as well for hours on end. There appears to be other adult eagles in the neighbourhood but no one knows anything about any relationships. Keep your eyes open and tell us what you see! There is probably a Barred Owl nest somewhere near Woodhaven but no location has been determined. Also probably a Cooper’s Hawk nest near there as they are on the street every day and vocal as well.

Mar 2, 2011

Well this year looks better for our eagles. We think what happened last year is that something got into the nest in the early morning hours and ransacked the nest. The neighbours surrounding the new nest site reported a terrible ruckus one morning very early. Perhaps it was a raccoon. Because they had spent so much time and energy on the new nest last year, they probably didn’t have the energy to start another set of eggs and it was pretty late in the season by then. They don’t seem to have abandoned the second nest as we suspected they might do. So things are looking up for this year. They seem to be spending a good bit of time near the new nest and we can hear them almost every night. We were wondering what they say – You are hogging the covers, your feet are cold or who knows. Our house is almost 2 blocks from the nest and we hear them constantly. Let’s hope for better results this year. Please let us know if you see anything interesting over the next few months as that’s how

Jun 10, 2010

So we know that the eagles abandoned the old nest but that they are not happy at the new nest site. They should have been on eggs long before this. We know they didn’t lay any eggs because one or other eagle will sit on the eggs continuously unlike other birds who leave their eggs unattended on occasion. So they have been seen mating but nothing has come of this new nest site. It appears that they may actually be taking sticks away from #2 nest site to yet another nest site. We think they may be attempting to build another nest somewhere in the trees between Sea View and Tudor. Please report to Agnes or Dave any activity that you see. There are a few other eagles who visit the area. They stop along Sea View near the beach access closest to Miramontes, on a tree at the end of Phyllis plus a few other spots. It is thought that they may be the eagles visiting from Discovery Island.

Dec 2, 2009

Most of you will know about ‘our’ Bald Eagles who have nested in Konukson Park for close to 10 years. They have been a productive couple, raising one or two eaglets each year. But we think they are on the move. There seems to be a new nest being built behind a house on Tudor, near Bedford. The tree is at the very back of the property but you might be able to see them from the dead-end bit of Bedford between Tudor and Seaview. We know that the 2 eagles still spend time at the old nest and we have not yet proven, for sure, that the new nest is being built by the same pair. It is fairly certain that is the case as normally eagles will not let another pair set up housekeeping so close but we are thinking that there is a slight possibility that a male offspring of the original pair may have brought a mate back to his home territory. What we need is to see the two pairs sitting on the two nests at the same time which is fairly unlikely! Our question will soon be answered as they should start sitting on their choice of nest in earnest very soon. So how do we know so much about the eagles? Check out the website below as the Wildlife Tree Stewardship Program monitors every Bald Eagle nest on Vancouver Island. They provide such details as the fact that about 20 – 25 eaglets are successfully raised each year in the Greater Victoria area. Please be on the lookout for any action and report seeing any carrying of sticks from the old nest to the new nest or report any interaction between the eagles. Agnes Lynn (see email below) will accept this information and pass it along to the monitors. Thanks to Dawn Popkin who is the official monitor of the current nest. She has reported progress since they began to nest in the park.

The WITS web site has got some new funding so check it out as they hope to have locations of nests available as well as other information.


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