Here’s an update on the progress with the new website. As you are probably aware, Connecting Neighbours who provided the framework for this website closed down on Mar 31, 2016 after 11 years of working with them. This means that the Cadboro Bay Today website and accompanying monthly newspaper lost the support of Connecting Neighbours on that date. We quickly had to create a new website but, fortunately, we were able to continue under the same domain name. This new website has been available since April 1 but is not as extensive as the old website. We are working towards restoring the data from the old website but it is a tedious job.

  • The content in sections Today’s Life Solutions, Recipes and Games belonged to Connecting Neighbours so will not exist on the new website.
  • Sections such as Neighbourly Referrals still need many entries re-added. There are also missing entries on other pages. As time permits. we’ll check through them all. It appears that Sports & Hobbies seems to have quite a few missing even though some of the headings are there.
  • The popular Neighbourhood Pictures will be repopulated but it is a slow process.
  • Free Classified Ads will be back but in a new format. Please be patient until we launch this. Due to past abuses, we must ask that you register (in confidence) in able to place an advertisement. This is to keep it local with valid users.
  • The Free Monthly Newsletter will return but it may take another month or two before it is ready. It will be sent to our current subscribers and there is an opportunity for new subscribers to receive the newsletter by filling in the form available on most pages of the new website.
  • We are undecided as to what to do with Archive News items as it would be handy to be able to refer back on some old issues. Give us a bit of time to figure this one out.

In order to be able to continue with the website uninterrupted, we designed the new one using WordPress as this is a widely available platform which eventually will mean low maintenance. It was relatively quick to put together but is challenging to make it look like the old site. This is also a big learning curve for us and we ask for your patience. After adding the rest of the missing content, we will tackle the broken links and replace the fuzzy images.

Sorry that we have not kept up with local events over the last while as we have been concentrating on getting as much content as possible loaded. Give us another couple of weeks and then we will resume our important announcements on the Home Page under Latest News.

We have a faithful following who enjoys keeping up with all the local news. The new website will continue this tradition. We thank you for your support.