Located in Cadboro Bay

Phone: office: 250-514-4815 , cell: 250-514-4815
Owner: Peter Milne

With over 15 years of experience, Swift Kick Computers provides knowledgeable, affordable, on-site assistance that will reduce your frustration and down time while saving you time and money. Our mobile service and green practices will help you to minimize your environmental footprint.

Since starting Swift Kick Computers we have been combining our knowledge and skills in computer technology with socially responsible and environmentally friendly practices, including:

  • Traveling to your home or office using alternative fuel (reused vegetable oil from local restaurant).
  • Upgrading or repairing computer products instead of replacing them with new, wherever possible.
  • Extending the life cycle of computers by rebuilding and donating them to non-profit organizations and individuals in need.
  • Safely recycling unusable systems and parts.
  • Helping you learn about reuse, recycling and disposal options in your area.

We strive to continually improve our business practices by being eliminating waste and using nontoxic, earth friendly products. All materials that come in contact with our business are fully recycled. We are proud of the fact that we generate zero waste!

Our company philosophy includes a strong community connection. We believe that business is about giving back, not just profit, and that by working together anything is possible.

In addition to Swift Kick’s regular on-site computer services, we offer anti-virus, anti-spyware and online backup solutions that excel in protecting your data and security, giving you peace of mind.

When looking for a reliable, eco-friendly computer expert call Swift Kick Computers.

Website: http://www.swiftkickcomputers.com

Email: peter@swiftkickcomputers.com