Author: Agnes Lynn

Native Plant Garden at Vic General Hospital

Next time you are at Vic General near the gift shop, look out the window. It may just look like a rock and plants but this area is being maintained as a native plant garden. Weeds and non-native plants have been removed and additional native plants have been added to what plants were already there. Most of the added plants were salvaged from areas where development forced their removal. Most of the area is typical of the local Garry oak ecosystem and the back of the area transitions into coastal Douglas fir habitat. Follow the link below to see...

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BC Highways Web Cams

Want to check out highway conditions throughout Vancouver Island and throughout BC? Click the web site below to go directly to web cams positioned on highways throughout Vancouver Island. There are also tabs for other areas throughout BC. The ‘Replay the Day’ feature is also interesting to show how conditions changed over the last 24 hours. Website:...

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Get your Soil Tested

Here’s some hints from Linda Petite, Head Gardener at the Horticultural Centre of the Pacific (HCP) • Proper soil fertility is the foundation for plant health • All plants have specific nutritional and pH requirements • Take several soil samples in the area you are testing • Samples should be 8-12 inches deep • Mix all the samples together and place in a Ziploc bag with your name and garden name • Integrity Sales on Keating x Rd sends your sample to a lab and a complete analysis comes back to you. • For more information and cost, contact...

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Want to Know More about Saanich Farm Markets?

Saanich has provided a summary of local Farm Markets to help you find a place to buy your farm fresh produce. This includes locations, dates and times plus other related information. Check out the web site below. (hint – if the chart doesn’t show, open up your web browser to be wider) Website:...

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