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David Calles

2925 Seaview Rd. tel: 250-995-8589 Miramontes Artwork is a glass art studio where David and other glass artists work and where non-glass artists and designers can come to have work done for them. His work is an exploration of colour, form and traditional Italian cane...

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Goward House

2495 Arbutus Road tel: 250-477-4401 website: Goward House Annual show of Goward House artists happens in conjunction with the Cadboro Bay Studio Tour each year. You are welcome to come to see our artists at work and join us for afternoon tea. Visit this beautiful heritage house nestled in Haro Woods. Enjoy a walk in the garden while you are...

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Helen Stewart

2875 Tudor Ave tel: 250-477-1034 website: Helen Stewart Helen is a well-known artist, illustrator and writer. You are invited to see her whimsical intaglio prints and to enjoy her...

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Sylvia Bews-Wright

3951 Arbutus Place tel: 250-472-1588 website: Sylvia Bews-Wright Sylvia offers a range of drawings, collages and paintings for your enjoyment. She is now represented by Avenue Gallery in Oak Bay and Art Lending at...

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Dorothy Haegert

2885 Phyllis St tel: 250-477-7160Colourful, multilayered expressionistic acrylic paintings and photomontage are Dorothy’s two different approaches to art. Hand toning, sepia or copper toning and sometimes paint adorn her montage...

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